Will the Grapefruit Diet Work For You?

Even though the grapefruit diet, otherwise known as the Hollywood diet and the Mayo Clinic diet, has been around since the 1930s it still attracts very different views and very different opinions. The diet works by using the fat burning enzymes said to be present in everyday grapefruits to reduce weight in a controlled environment.

While a study in 2004 confirmed that participants in the grapefruit diet program did lose extra weight over a 12 week period simply by eating half a grapefruit, or drinking grapefruit juice, with their meals there is some debate about the overall benefits. While the basic diet advises participants to reduce their calorie intake to around 800 per day there are many scientists and dieticians who believe this is way too low and is potentially dangerous. There are some people who use the idea behind the grapefruit diet to fast for two days (only eating grapefruit) and then eat normal for two days and then fast, etc for a set period.

The diet has reappeared over the years with many different names with many different permutations but ultimately it is the proven fat eating enzymes present within the grapefruit which are central to its attractions and its weight loss power. However it is worth remembering that, as with any diet, you do need to have a specific calorie intake (which differs between men and women) in order for your body to operate at optimal speed and optimal efficiency. Adding elements such as the grapefruit diet to your regular meals, reducing intake of potentially harmful and fatty foods and also increasing your exercise regime is far safer and potentially far more beneficial in the long term.

While many of the so-called fads and fashionable diets are ridiculed in the press many of them, such as the Grapefruit Diet, do have real elements that work and do assist with weight loss.

While there are many extreme diets on the market the most useful diet plans seem to reduce your intake of fatty foods and increase your daily exercise. It is not rocket science and the likes of Tesco Diets are now major players in this particular sector.