Seven Tips About Mayo Clinic Diet - What Are the Do's and Don'ts of This Plan

The Mayo Clinic diet plan is more of a long-term healthy maintenance program than a diet plan. The four main components of this plan are sufficient exercise, motivation, and eating rationally together with realistic objectives. Harmful fixations with the tape measure or scale are not advised. Exercise and food diaries are recommended.

Benefits of the diet plan:

• It zeroes in on the vitality of vegetables and fruits. They are both abundant sources of fiber. • It can be considered as one among the most wholesome, healthful and natural diets. It promotes less caffeine, sugar and preservatives. • You can monitor the food you consume. This can be done by following the sample meal plan. • Since the body is adjusting, this plan is a long time process of weight loss and exercise at the onset.

But before you decide on trying this plan, consider its do's and don'ts:

• You may eat only until you are full. You cannot eat any more after you reach this state. • Do not remove anything from your diet. Don't skip the food you eat at breakfast. What you eat during breakfast is the food combination that burn fat. • Eat grapefruit. It is vital because it plays as a vehicle that begins the burning process. • Limit caffeine intake to one cup per meal. Caffeine affects insulin balance that hampers the burning process. • Do not take snacks between meals. Strictly following the suggested meal combinations will leave you full and not craving for any more food. • This diet completely eradicates sugar and starches. Sugar and starches form fat and lipids. In frying food, use butter and use it on vegetables. • You can have twice helpings of meat, salad or vegetables but you may also want to cut down on white vegetables, sweet potatoes, bread and desserts. You lose more weight when you eat foods that are more proper.

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