Best Diets For High Cholesterol That Will Lower Your Cholesterol

Are you battling what diets to consider for high cholesterol? There are many diets that can help you lower your cholesterol level along with a regular exercise regimen. Before engaging an exercise routine consult with your physician. Make sure your routine will be of benefit to your health and not hazardous.

There are many fats that contribute to your high cholesterol. Avoiding these fats at all costs will help lower your cholesterol and risk for heart diseases. Here are some foods you want to try to avoid or at least limit your servings:

* Saturated fat and oils - coconut oil, safflower oil, palm oil, lard, butter
* Trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils - cookies, chips, crackers, shortenings
* Fatty meats - ribs, steak, ground meat, sausage, hot dogs, bacon, pastrami
* Milk products containing more than one percent milk fat - cream, some cheeses
* Fast food - anything fried - opt for baked or broiled foods instead of fried.

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These are only 'some' of the foods you want to avoid or limit. Along with these you want to watch your servings of breads, cakes, whole eggs, whole milk, whipped cream and others. In doing this you will learn new combinations to make substituting one food for another.

The best diets for lowering your high cholesterol are ones that work for you. There are a few ways to help watch the amount of fat you eat such as removing all fat from your meat before cooking it. You can also use egg whites in place of whole eggs and to do this you do not have to rid your fridge of your eggs. You can separate the yolk yourself or go ahead and buy just egg whites.

Eat plenty of fruits, grains, beans and vegetables for a great healthy diet. You might find that reading the labels of an item will turn you against it. For instance, grab one of your favorite foods and read the ingredient label. Do you know what everything is? If not, look them up and find out just what it is in the food you absolutely love. Do you still love it after you know what is in it?

The best diet for high cholesterol is a regular exercise regimen along with eating plenty of fruits, whole grains and vegetables. If high cholesterol runs in your family you may have to use medication to help keep it controlled. Taking medication does not mean you do not have to watch what you eat or exercise. The medication will work better with your diet and exercise routine.

Here are a few diets that you could also try to lower your cholesterol:

* Mayo Clinic Diet - This diet is specially designed to lower cholesterol - You will eat plenty of fruit and veggies along with healthy servings from all the many food groups.

* Mediterranean Diet - This diet will let you eat plenty of fruits, veggies and grains. You can also eat a small amount of red meat along with some fish and poultry and even dairy products. A bonus to this diet is you get a glass of wine with every meal.

* Low Fat Diet - This is exactly what it says - low fat. Lowering the amount of fat you intake will help you decrease your cholesterol levels. You will eat foods that are low in fat and only sparingly can you eat high fat foods.

* Vegetarian Diet - With this diet you eat only fruits, veggies and grains. No mean of any kind can be eaten. You can enjoy soy products, seeds and nuts on this diet as well.

Every person is different and one diet may work better for you than it does for someone else. Try what you think will be the easiest and combine with your regular exercise regimen. These diets will help your high cholesterol and make you feel better and healthier in the process.

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