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A lot of weight loss products offer to help increase your metabolism to help you lose weight. But why? What is it about metabolism that helps us lose weight? Does it really help us lose weight faster? Can you really increase your metabolism?

Metabolism is simply the way your body burns calories. Some factors can influence your metabolism including sex, age, and body size. But can you do anything to increase your metabolism?

To answer some of those questions, here is some research for authorities on weight loss and weight management to give you the straight facts on metabolism.

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Question: Do slim people have a higher metabolism while larger people have a slower metabolism?
Answer: No. According to the Mayo Clinic, metabolism is not determined by your weight. Metabolism is the engine that burns the calories and regulates your body's energy needs. Your weight is determined by the calories you consume less the calories you burn. So a large person that consumes a large amount of calories can still have a high metabolism that is keeping them from gaining more weight.

Question: Do overweight people always have a lower metabolism?

Answer: No. It is very uncommon for excessive weight to be caused by a lower metabolism. However, if someone thinks that is the case, they should be evaluated by a doctor for conditions such as hyperthyroidism.

Question: Will exercise increase your metabolism?

Answer: Yes. Adding in exercise to your daily regime will increase your metabolism. As you increase your muscle from exercises like strength training and aerobic exercise, you will build muscle. Muscle burns more calories that fat, thereby increasing your metabolism. Don't depend on trips to the gym or laps around the neighborhood. Find other ways to have extra movement throughout your day: walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, garden, wash you car, and clean the house. That will increase the amount of calories you burn and increase the muscle you build.

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Question: Should I skip a meal to increase my metabolism?

Answer: No. By skipping a meal, your body feels like it is in starvation mode and will use your muscle for fuel and slows your metabolism. Since muscle helps to increase your metabolism, losing any muscle is not the answer. You should try to eat 6 small meals per day so your body does not feel like you are starving, causing it to switch directions and use muscle for fuel and slow down metabolism to make sure it stores the calories already there. Make sure to eat healthy, protein based meals. Eating by the USDA's food pyramid is still a healthy way to manage what you eat each day. They have altered the old fashion model with 12 separate models for you to choose from using activity level and food intake as guides. You can see the new suggestions at online at the USDA's website.

Question: Can water increase my metabolism?

Answer: Yes. Water is the body's most important nutrient. Without water, the liver will retain water instead of burn fat. A study by German researchers demonstrated that people that drank just over 16 ounces of water had a 30 percent higher calorie burn rate than their resting metabolic rate. They concluded that drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day--the generally recommended amount--can burn off almost 35,000 calories a year, or about 10 pounds (source Prevention magazine online).

To answer the initial questions:< /p>

• What is it about metabolism that helps us lose weight? Metabolism is simply the body's process of burning the calories consumed.

• Does it really help us lose weight faster? Yes, a higher metabolism does help you burn more calories.

• Can you really increase your metabolism? Yes, you can increase your metabolism by increasing your daily exercise and increasing the amount of water you drink.

Do not be fooled to think you cannot lose weight because of a slow metabolism. With simple steps, you can increase your body's ability to burn calories and lose the weight!

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