The Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is also known as the "Mayo Clinic Program" and "Sacred Heart Hospital Diet".  But the diet has nothing to do with both the Mayo Clinic and Sacred Heart Hospital. It is a 7 day weight loss plan which allows you to have limitless cabbage soup each day.  Why the limitless soup each day? This is because there are very few calories in the soup.

You must also have other foods together with the cabbage soup diet but not unlimited as the soup. The other foods that must be eaten are fruits, vegetables, skim milk and meat. You also must drink more water and no alcohol is allowed.  8 glasses of 8-ounce glass is recommended daily.

In the cabbage soup diet, exercise is not one of the criteria to lose weight. It is concentrates solely on what you eat in your diet everyday in a week. The meals are not found on most restaurants so you will need to cook and eat your meals at home.

You are expected to lose 10 pounds in a week with this diet. However after the week you are advised not to continue with the diet. If you wish to lose more weight, you must wait for 2 weeks before starting with another week with this diet. This is mainly because there is not enough nutrition in the cabbage soup diet. While on the diet it is good for you to balance the diet with multivitamins.

The cabbage soup diet is not suitable for long term weight loss because of the lack of nutrition and calories. You will also be bored fast just as fast as you lose weight. It is however low in fat, high in fiber and it will make you lose weight and get into your dream shape fast.

If you need to lose weight fast for some very important occasion, then the Cabbage Soup Diet is the diet that you should go for.