Stress in the work place

No doubt, if we want to feel stressed we the candy machine or down one to assault half litre ice. We feel natural immediate satisfaction because of the Endorphine be released "feel good" when we calls for something which we love but new research results confirm eat these foods caused by more than Endorphine.

Elissa epel, PhD, health psychology researcher at the University of California at San Francisco explained that, if we are stressed a hormone cortisol is released, which may increase appetite us specifically for sweets. Also the ongoing stress more we have one day as an exacting task can Cortisolspiegel can deposits of fat in the abdominal area and the whole time lead to increased deeply know from which, facilitate increased health risks.

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Stress characterized a fight-or-flight response by an increased heart rate, increased respiratory increased blood pressure and a 300-400 % in amount of blood, our muscles which prepares to run us or in flight. Unfortunately, in today's world we have not run nor have we escape. But the adrenalin and other hormones during this process published to produce a series of symptoms, ua: • fear • depression • excess anger and hostility • high blood pressure • insomnia (insomnia) • racing heart • risk factor for heart attack • are fatigue which commonly use behaviors that people deal with the symptoms of stress: • critical attitude towards other • excessive use of alcohol • compulsive • inability, things to • do smoking as you see the most common management strategies are hardly healthy or positive decisions. One problem is that many of the "healthy" to do decisions such as sports, yoga, meditation and not easy to during working hours. What is easy this is " Reese's Peanut Butter Cup calls for you every time when they the dispenser." But stop! There is a choice to relieve stress at work. Deep breathing can help you to obtain the additional stress of working day.
Deep breathing can help you, relax by lowering your blood pressure slowing the heart rate and a relaxation of the Muskelspannung and the best part is, can it to do at your desk. The Mayo Clinic women's Healthsource provides directions for the deep breathing practice.

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* Contact in a comfortable chair, feet flat on the floor.

* Close your eyes and concentrate on an object in space.

* Breathe slowly through the nose. You your diaphragm move down visualize, expand more space for your lungs to create.

* Note your belly to ex pand how it populates with air * if your lungs are full, air can slowly through the mouth.

* You as often as you need refresh. Be sure that you your spirit of concern list deletes that existed before.

If you are ready to end your session chair spring from your. Slowly bring themselves back in your environment.

Regularly practice deep breathing can save large health rewards such as the reduction of fear, energy, improve sleep, improve concentration and muscle tension to resolve type. Dealing with stress in a healthy way help, avoid the stress can temptations of the machine, so you can manage your health and your weight with success.

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