The Truth About Diet Pill Review Sites

While surfing the web recently I have noticed a growing number of these diet pill review site. This came to my attention to know more about some of these diet pill review site. So I contacted a few of these sites to see what was really behind .

My investigation lead me to discover that 90% of these sites are no more than affiliates promoting the diet pill brands of others, while not recommending 90% of other diet products by falsely misleading the consumers with testimonials of clients that obviously look fake . What they actually want to do is let consumers believe that real clients have tested the diet pills without success and instead what they suggest are the best brands of diet pills. Remember that the more they review a product to be mediocre the more you should beware.(it is probably one good competitor trying to sell a product on the market.)

And if you look at these diet pill reviews site closely, you will also notice that several will recommend the same diet pills, as these companies have enrolled some of these review sites in their affiliate program. These diet pill reviews are not nutritionist or health professionnals. No they are just greedy marketers willing to sell you diet pills.

Bottom line what ever misleading names they use, best diet pills, slimming pills review, top diet pill review top 25 fat burners, dietpillcritic,, criticalorie...  these diet pill reviews are simply websites selling diet pills and they are not always offering a neutral and objective advice on the best diet pills. More than that all these diet pill review websites have Pay per click sponsored links running everyday on Google. Just this should ring an alarm as to the credibility of these diet pill review sites. Who would spend thousands of dollars on pay per click ads only to review the diet pills of competitors without offering anything. I don't know anyone that does that.  

Now if you have decided to use a diet pill to lose weight, I strongly suggest you to do your own homework and not get the advice of these diet pill review sites to make a good decision.  They will recommend what they promote (see an example on this link).Best rated diet pills I know this is difficult because you find on the market thousands of diet pills, but the best way is always to visit the site ask questions on the product, check the criterias of the ingredients...

Basically you don't need a diet pill review site just your own judgement will be enough. And if you are not sure about a company's reputation just check on the consummer sites, the BBB... there are numerous sites outhere( mayo clinic )(webmd) that will give you serious and credible informations on the effectiveness and quality of natural ingredients entering in a diet pill.