The Cabbage Soup Diet - Healthy For Your Heart

The cabbage soup diet paves the way for people who want to lose around ten pounds in a week. The obvious reason for the weight loss is the consumption of the cabbage soup. Dieticians have enumerated some advantages of the cabbage soup diet referring to it as a heart healthy diet.

Advantages of the Cabbage Soup Diet

- The more you will eat, the more pounds you will lose - this is attributed to the nutrients in the cabbage which aid the functions of the mitochondria in your cells which are responsible for fat burning processes.

- Soup contains a lot of water; water is a proven way to lose weight- water also promotes better digestion and better circulation.

- The diet doesn't offer many calories - the diet focuses on eating the soup and specific foods like vegetables, fruits, and beef

- If you eat the soup, you will have no hunger feeling- the soup act as filler to avoid starvation

- You can still eat beef if you follow the cabbage soup diet- it doesn't mean that there will be no meat consumption. Beef enters the picture on a specific day together with vegetables and fruits. Chicken without its skin is a good substitute

- You have to follow it for only seven days- the diet has been designed for a short term quick scheme of losing weight. Due to its low calorie principle, it is not recommended to continue in this diet beyond a week.

Heart Matters

The cabbage soup diet is also referred to as the Mayo Clinic Diet, Sacred Heart Diet, and Cabbage Soup Heart Diet among other names coined after it. It became popular when dieters reported a ten pound drop after strictly following the short program.

The cabbage soup diet is a quick and easy way to get rid of some unwanted bulges from your body in a week's time. The main factor to losing several pounds quickly is motivation. Most diet plans makes you a pound lighter after a week. That is insignificant given that our body varies in weight for more than a pound on a day to day basis. For most dieters, what is important is the short term achievement which motivates them to press on.

The cabbage soup diet is a great booster of confidence and self image. It also doesn't limit you to eating cabbage. A specific set of food plan for each of the day is well outlined. Through the course of the week, you will be eating vegetables, fruits, and meat. The X factor will be the cabbage soup which you can take without limits. There are also available recipes for the variation of the cabbage soup. The recipes will definitely match the likings of one's taste buds.

The cabbage soup diet takes away pastries and other sweets in the picture. It takes discipline and a little sacrifice just like any other diet plan. The key to a successful diet is the determination of an individual. Long term, exercise is vital to achieve over all clean bill of health.