How effective are Diet Pills

US Center for Disease Control says, above 64 percent of Americans are overweight and obesity can soon overtake smoking as leading cause of death.

During 2000, around 420,000 died in US due to smoking, while poor health and physical inactivity eliminated 400,000.

British Medical Journal warns that puppy fat is gateway to adult obesity. Persistent childhood obesity gets stabilized before teens.

Besides serious diseases like hyper-tension, diabetes and heart ailments all linked to obesity, social ridicule faced by over weight persons during childhood also spurts unhealthy attitudes.

Overweight children are vulnerable to playground taunts. This leads to seclusion and depression and lack of activity in children, graduating to manhood.

The situation being serious, world governments and social organizations are active.

A recent agreement between major beverage distributors and anti-obesity advocates bars non-diet soda in US public sch ools. Companies including Cadbury Schweppes PLC, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, etc agreed to sell only water, juice and low fat milks to elementary and middle schools.

Australian state Queensland has rolled out a 21 million dollars scheme that includes teaching obesity in schools and mailing self-help packs to every household. Alarmed at 1.3 million obese adults in the state, the government is directing packaged foods to label calorie content details.

Scientists and tradesmen are collaborating to tap the $100 billion obese market.

Company that invented heart pacemaker is working on a battery charged gastric pacemaker that signals satiety to brain's appetite centre.

Work is on in famous Mayo Clinic on an electrical device that paralyses stomach, reducing contractions churning food, during digestion process.

Several weight loss drugs are in market getting increasingly popular with celebrities and those who want to lose weight quickly.

One obvio us way to lose weight is to eat less. Diet pills contain substances that curb appetite and reduce hungry feeling.

Less carbs mean less weight. Ingredients in some diet pills interfere with the pancreas' producing an enzyme alpha-amylase. Carb blockers prevent carbs from being stored as fat.

Excess water retention causes problem in losing weight. Diet pills reduce water retention.

Body gains weight as it tends to store carbohydrates and sugars as fat. Diet pills help body process and safely expel fat.

Weight loss can be accelerated by raising body's metabolic rate. Diet pills speed up metabolic rate of body.
Among the most recommended diet drugs is Adipex-P®, or phentermine hydrochloride, its generic name.
To integrate Apidex into long-term lasting weight loss, we must eat balanced diet a nd exercise regularly.
Adipex assists in restoring balanced eating habits, making it possible to lose weight without the stress of dieting.

Adipex recommended for short-term management of obesity, is available on line and at drug stores at affordable prices.